May 30, 2019

White Night Melbourne

Melbourne is a city known worldwide for its adventurous and artistic style. If you want to experience Melbourne at its most exciting, then White Night is a night not to miss.

White Night is held over 12 hours once a year. In 2018 it will run from 7pm on Saturday the 17th of February to 7am on Sunday the 18th. Inspired by the classic Nuit Blanche movement in Paris, White Night then spread to cities across the globe as a night of entertainment and revelry in artistic expression. So what can you expect from White Night in Melbourne?

White Night started in Melbourne in 2013 and was instantly a success with locals and visitors alike. From even the first year, hundreds of thousands of people enjoyed the festivities, and White Night Melbourne has only grown since then.

White Night Melbourne is a chance to explore Melbourne while discovering local, national and international artists and performers. There are 12 hours of installations, films, exhibitions, dance and more, with something for everyone of every age to enjoy.

Many of the installations are free (over 100!), so there's no reason not to stop by and enjoy this celebration of culture.


Things to keep in mind:

  • With over 100 installations, even a whole night won't be enough to see everything, so check out the program and plan what you want to see in advance.
  • Public transport (trains and trams) will be running all night to make sure you can get around the city and see all that White Night has to offer. It's going to be very busy, though, so keep that in mind when planning your arrivals at events.
  • White Night goes ahead no matter the weather, so check your weather app and go prepared.

The White Night program is packed with artistic festivities, light shows and innovation. It's a night of culture and fun, all part of a big city adventure. Check out the White Night program and get ready to explore Melbourne while discovering incredible art and performers, or maybe even enjoying a family friendly dance party. There's something for everyone, whatever your style.